Simpson Deposition

A single deposition requires large investments in time, people and expense. Choosing the right court reporting firm is critical to protecting those investments. We are an Orange County based certified court reporting agency, providing court reporting and legal videography to the legal industry for over 40 years. Our goal is to provide you with timely transcripts and certified reporters along with excellent service. We cover everything from depositions to arbitrations, meetings, motions, ex partes, and trials with experience both inside and outside of the courtroom.

A veteran in the court reporting industry, Linda Simpson has been reporting since the early 60's. Among her extensive skill sets, Linda has successfully reported for highly complicated and technical matters. She attended UCLA to become a medical doctor and went with court reporting instead. She attended South Coast College and took the CSR exam and passed, first becoming a deposition reporter, then became an official reporter in the Superior Court of Orange County for judges Mason Fenton and James L. Smith for seven years doing mainly death penalty cases. She passed both the national and state speed exams and realtime exams in reporting and though preferring depositions, she is court approved.


When you need a court reporter or videographer for your next legal proceeding, we can provide you and your staff with exactly what you require and should expect from a professional service. Our network of certified court reporters is fast, responsive and trusted.

Certified Court Reporters

We provide certified reporters that are matched to your needs, with experience in the type of case you are litigating.

Certified Legal Videographers

Recorded video depositions let you observe the demeanor of deponents during testimony, capturing their reactions, pauses, and expressions.

Court-Appointed Reporters

Reporters equipped with knowledge of the inner workings of the courtroom. There is no stipulation necessary with a court-approved reporter.

Certified Legal Interpreters

Interpreting and translator services in all languages, including exotic.

Realtime Depositions

Stenographic notes are converted instantly into digitized English, instantly ready to access, search, review or mark.

Rough Transcripts

Gives you the option of same-day rough transcripts of your deposition for immediate use.

Business Records Subpoena

A deposition officer will produce an affidavit upon receipt of received documents.

Audio Transcription

Audio and/or video formats can be transcribed into text format.

Telephonic Depositions

Conduct depositions via telephone rather than in-person. Conducting depositions over the phone can be a good way to cut costs and save travel time.



"In litigation you are constantly in the mode of preparing for trial and that includes having strong deposition transcripts with strategically planned deposition testimony. Simpson Deposition is by far a superior court reporting agency with state-of-the art technology, superb accuracy and professional knowledgeable court reporters. Simpson Deposition is a great asset to the litigation process."

- Daniel J. Callahan, Callahan & Blaine

"Our office has engaged in Simpson Deposition exclusively for over a decade. As a trial lawyer, it is critical to have the most accurate, punctual, cooperative and pleasant court reporter as part of the litigation team. That’s what you always get with Linda Simpson. She is simply the best!"

- Ronald B. Schwartz, Law Offices of Ronald B. Schwartz

Sahelian Law Offices

"I’ve been in practice for over 18 years, during which I’ve explored every aspect of civil litigation. Linda Simpson has been my only court reporter for most of those years. I know Linda will have a giant smile before starting a deposition. She will make everyone feel comfortable. She will conduct a deposition as a consummate professional, and the transcripts that arrive will be flawless."

- Ara Sahelian, Sahelian Law Offices